Artificial Intelligence: Intelligent Information Systems

Intelligent Information systems are the current scientific and technological development in a frontier discipline in computer science, control theory, information theory, neural psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and other fields developed on the basis of the study, is a very comprehensive a strong interdisciplinary. In general, artificial intelligence is a study of how to construct intelligent machines or intelligent systems so that it can simulate, extend the expansion of human intelligence subjects.

At present, artificial intelligence research is the combination of more specific areas, the main research fields of expert systems, machine learning, pattern recognition, and natural language comprehension. Since the inception of artificial intelligence technology, its research has had significant results. Artificial intelligence applied to the results of information retrieval systems – Intelligent Information Retrieval System to the field of information retrieval has brought a revolutionary change.

An Intelligent Information Retrieval System Overview Intelligent Information Retrieval System is an intelligent computer information retrieval system that simulates the human thinking process on information processing and intelligence activities to achieve information and knowledge storage, retrieval, and reasoning, and to provide intelligence support.

Since the introduction of artificial intelligence, intelligent information retrieval systems have obvious advantages: a strong ability to understand natural language, so that users can use natural language to express themselves more accurately the information needs; simulation experts retrieval method, expressed in the user’s information needs, solving strategy formulation and analysis of the outcome of the move to intelligent information retrieval system to deal with; with a strong ability to learn, able to automatically acquire knowledge, can learn from reading, and in theory, achieve self-improvement.

However, the artificial intelligence research, after all, a great deal of progress has been made, natural language understanding, machine learning research has also made considerable progress, especially in recent years on the artificial neural network research has raised a variety of learning algorithm, All this has provided favourable conditions for knowledge acquisition. Thus, in the construction of an intelligent information retrieval system, should make full use of these results, a gradual transition to the automatic acquisition of knowledge to enhance their intelligence level. In fact, in recent years, the construction of intelligent information systems are also different degrees in this area attempt to do so in the non-automatic knowledge acquisition based on the increase in some of the learning functions.

man using a tablet with intelligent information systems.

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