The Robot Writer is a blog designed around the idea of artificial intelligence and its uses within marketing. As an SEO specialist, the multitude of strategies that businesses use to boost their online presence and drive sales forward has always intrigued me. From search engine optimization tactics to PPC campaigns, I have worked within the industry myself and built up a great deal of experience regarding various marking techniques. This is why I am interested in artificial intelligence and its potential within marketing.

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If you’re familiar with the digital marketing industry, you’ll know just how much it takes to keep on top of new technological developments. Reading upcoming news, discussing new opportunities with clients, and trying and testing our own ideas; these are all ways we stay informed about what’s next for the marketing world. There are a multitude of resources out there that we all learn from on a regular basis. From thought-provoking blog articles to world-renowned marketing specialists that release exclusive data and insights, access to technology and the internet really does open up a Pandora’s box full of potential for some.

The Robot Writer is my own way of getting the word out there about whether there is really potential for artificial intelligence in marketing. Particularly regarding the digital side of marketing, the continuous release of new software and programming means we need to stay on our toes if we’re looking to keep our clients relevant. It’s this ever-changing digital marketing landscape that I know many of us are keen to keep up with. Whether you’re a marketing pro yourself, or the owner of a thriving brand… Staying aware with updates surrounding how to get your business out is always a great way to broaden your wealth of knowledge.

Artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as ‘AI’ (as we all like to make things a little easier for ourselves), is not a brand-new development. In fact, the mere idea of artificial intelligence first sprang to life and was introduced directly from the minds of early 20th century fiction writers. Think about the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, the robot-like creation without a heart. It’s no coincidence that the ideas behind these past works of fiction have actually begun to infiltrate our everyday lives today; and many of us don’t even know it.

Does Artificial Intelligence Really Have a Place in Marketing?

The term ‘artificial intelligence’ itself was coined in 1956, by John McCarthy, a computer scientist. While we didn’t have the instruments back then to fully realise his idea, technological advancements have since improved in leaps and bounds. Today, many of us digital marketers and specialists alike are noticing a significant change within the marketing industry. Just like the Wizard of Oz’s Tin Man, some of the content we’re seeing released by brands lacks heart and empathy. Why?

It’s because this content has been generated by artificial intelligence. Learning as it writes and gets to grips with the nuances of human language, machines themselves are now developing content for businesses. For many, this has the potential to be a great step forward in a time of huge technological advancements. However, humans on the whole have been fearing the automation of the workforce for a while now.

This is an all too real fear for those working in mundane, repetitive jobs. Machinery has already replaced much of their labour. The very idea behind marketing itself, though, is based on interpreting human behaviour. Is it really possible for artificial intelligence to fully comprehend the way we think and act? Not only that – but is it able to react to this, and implement marketing solutions in effective ways? This is what The Robot Writer aims to find out. Taking an objective look at the use of artificial intelligence in marketing today, we’ll uncover facts about its effectiveness.

Everyone is likely to have their own opinion, of course, about where the future of AI lies within marketing. That’s what we’re here to discuss. Keep up with our regular blog insights: Join us on our journey, as we discover whether AI really has the potential to figure out all our very human quirks.