Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence Programs: A Critical Aspect of Awareness is the Drive to Increase Knowledge

Through the use of artificial intelligence technology such as neural networks, data mining, natural language processing, and machine intelligence, AI programs have achieved the ability to do just about everything a human can do. While software programs can perform the same functions as a human, they lack the motivation that transforms ability into awareness.

What is Machine Intelligence?

Machine intelligence refers to the ability of an artificial intelligence (AI) program to learn from experience or special formulations of data called learning algorithms. An AI program that uses machine intelligence is able to modify its own code to take into account the new information it receives, in order to constantly improve its performance.

In order for AI applications to use learning algorithms and other teaching tools to improve performance, they need a great deal of computing power. On the cutting edge of technology, offering a great deal of computing power is the artificial neural network.

Artificial Neural Networks vs. Organic Neural Networks

An artificial neural network is modeled after organic neural networks are located in the brain. In an organic neural network, tiny cells called neurons pass electric charges to other cells. Each neuron has a certain threshold that must be reached for the charge to continue, resulting in an on-state (passing the charge) or an off-state (not passing the charge) for the neuron.

Artificial neural networks operate under the same premise, using tiny processors instead of organic cells. The processors connect to millions of other processors, and pass on an electrical charge if the designated threshold has been reached, in a similar fashion to the operation of organic neural networks.

Tools Used by AI Applications

Data mining and natural language processing are tools used by many AI applications. Data mining is a term used to describe the activity of sorting and analyzing data to find patterns and meaning. This tool allows the software to make use of the information contained in any data source.

Natural language processing is a type of AI application that is used to translate “natural language” into data the computer can understand. From there, the application can then translate the data into various other languages, speech, text, or utilize the data for any other purpose. Natural Language Processing, NLP, is the technology behind translation programs, speech-to-text converters, text-to-speech converters, and voice-recognition software, among other things.

Motivation and Awareness in Computing

Today’s AI applications can be created from a large variety of available technologies. They can take advantage of the computing power of neural networking and the many tools available including data mining and natural language processing as they acquire skills through machine learning techniques. The only area in which they are lacking is the reason behind their function. Currently, it is the human hand behind the program that tells the AI application what to learn, and when to use the acquired skills. Without motivation to learn, improve, or succeed, AI software will never evolve beyond its current status- as a tool for humans.

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