Artificial Content and its unusual Problems within Marketing

As digital marketing experts ourselves, we’re all too interested in how artificial content could shape the future of marketing. Artificial content is full of problems, and not even just from a marketing standpoint. The content itself is unreliable, unrelatable, and often downright nonsensical.

At The Robot Writer, we’re here to uncover everything there is to know about artificial content in marketing. Whether we find the good; the bad, or the ugly… We take an unopinionated stance on whether artificial intelligence has a place in the marketing industry. Here is our article into artificial content and its problems within marketing.

What is Artificial Content?

Artificial content is exactly what it says on the box. Artificial. As humans, we spend lifetimes developing our content development skills. From learning to refine our handwriting to be legible from a young age, to … As we gain more life experience each year, we expand upon our very specific insights. It’s these insights that give us these all-too human skills, teaching us how to interact and connect with others. Artificial intelligence does not have this ability.

Artificial content is machine generated. Machines cannot grasp the true reality of the human experience. That’s the simple explanation to why artificial content has so many problems within marketing.

Why Artificial Content Will Never Work in Marketing

The definition of marketing itself comes right down to understanding humans. Advertising involves figuring out how people will interpret certain stimuli, and whether we can use incentives to prompt this behaviour and reach our goals. Robots, or artificial intelligence, will never be able to empathise with how we behave as humans. Here are a few more in-depth pointers as to why artificial content will never work in marketing.

Artificial Content Leads to An Absence of Connection

Consider the last time you picked up the phone, in the hopes to discuss your electricity bill or an equally human issue. A robot voice answers. They simply cannot comprehend your frustration with the entire situation, and this infuriates you even further. They’re giving you a pre-determined set of numbers to select an option from… But the issue you’re trying to resolve isn’t even on the list.

Using artificial content in marketing to try and boost your business will only have the opposite effect. Your customers will find they can’t relate to the content your brand is posting, as it just doesn’t make sense. Artificial content generators use pre-determined language algorithms, to create useless information that nobody finds any value in.

Artificial Content is Disturbing

Imagine reading a well put together article, albeit with a few mistakes, only to find out that it was completely generated by a robot. This is the case with many consumers who find out they have been ‘tricked’ by artificial content. Their first reaction is to become extremely disturbed. It leads them on to a whole string of questions, regarding the scary potential that artificial intelligence may have in deceiving us even further. Imagine the disdain if a sceptical customer finds that they have been duped into buying one of your products by artificial intelligence. The backlash is likely to be something any business would rather avoid! Artificially generated content may have the ability to formulate hyper personalised articles, tailored by looking at the reader’s cookies. However, this is actually the kind of creepy surveyance that many customers are looking to avoid.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Know that We Don’t?

Many of you reading this will have trained for years in becoming the experts in marketing. To find that thousands of careers could possibly be usurped by a machine, is downright insulting to many. As humans, we’re naturally innovative. We have found solutions to problems throughout the ages… Those who taught us our marketing expertise have built up their own experience over the years, working in a variety of industries. There’s no way that artificial content could be as original. Think of the useless catchphrases a robot would come up with. Would they relate to the customer? In fact, you’ve probably seen such examples on the internet, like with random generators. Why would we need to replace the essence of marketing with unoriginal, useless jargon?

Artificial Intelligence Creates Formulaic, Generic Content

One of the most recent downfalls within the SEO industry is the constant generation of generic content. This generic content has led to many businesses losing customers, particularly those repeat customers we all know are so valuable. We know we have to hit keywords, but there’s just no need to use our precious online space in such a needless way. By filling pages with content generated by artificial intelligence, you’re only going to increase bounce rates. Your goal is to prompt readers to make a purchase with genuinely insightful content, not lose them altogether.

Artificial Content Can’t Think Outside the Box

In building up a great conclusion to marketing content, we must interpret, analyse and eventually, resolve our argument. All the while, we’re writing to intrigue and connect with the reader. Artificial intelligence has no magical formula to follow that allows it to do this. There is no equation that allows it to build up the mutual understanding that is so important between reader and writer. In marketing, it’s this high level of understanding that becomes absolutely paramount in the decision-making process. Artificial content can’t think outside the box. It can’t work its way around an argument, deliberating the pros and cons of each tiny consideration.

Artificial Content Algorithms Can Fail

For those that don’t like maths or computing, this is an easy one to comprehend. Artificial intelligence, at its core, is created by humans who don’t always get the algorithms right! Artificial content may be cheap, but it appears that way to your customers too. Personal preferences change, as do the intricacies of politics, industry insights, and much more. Don’t run the risk of getting it all wrong from the very beginning. Humans are continuously evolving, even on a personal scale. Is it even possible for artificial intelligence to keep up? We think we’ll stick with humans.

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