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The E-Commerce industry is one that is heavily dependent on artificial intelligence. With the paradigm shift in shopping that the past decade has seen, companies strive to make the process as autonomous as possible. Online businesses are investing more into expanding the possibilities AI provides and benefiting from them. From providing customers with suggestions that suit them to creating better chatbots to eliminate the need for humans, for resolving customer problems, AI has the entire spectrum covered. From the most mundane tasks to the most complex ones, humans are increasingly turning to AI to do their jobs. In the coming years, artificial intelligence will dominate every industry, especially that of E-Commerce. Here are a few domains in E-Commerce that have benefited greatly, and can still benefit from artificial intelligence :

Creating Better Search Results

Imagine you search for a product you want on a website? You get irrelevant results, or worse yet, no search results. A bit off-putting, right? In fact, most users abandon such websites and search for different options. So, if you want your company to keep doing well and for customers to keep returning to your website, you will have to invest in improving your website’s search results by integrating artificial intelligence tools. Your customers shouldn’t have to see ‘No search results’ just because they misspelled the word. Not only that, your website should be able to give your users product suggestions that would go well with the one they searched. Statistics dictate that they are very likely to buy products from these suggestions too. These factors create a good impression of your website and hence boost business. 

Artificial Intelligence Is Creating Better Personalizing Customer Experience

This is nothing new in the E-Commerce industry. The emails that you get after your purchase suggesting similar products are one such example. Facebook ads similar to a product you searched for on Google are another such example. The E-Commerce industry has been adopting more tools to personalize the customer experience in the last few years. And this is because of the promising results that the industry has seen after investing in artificial intelligence-backed applications and tools. With the aid of customer purchase patterns and self-learning algorithms, artificial intelligence can considerably improve user suggestions and hence increase sales.

Artificial Intelligence Is Providing a Better Chatbot Experience

Chatbots are a blessing in the world of E-Commerce, both for the sellers and the purchasers. Companies no longer need to employ an army of people to take care of customer issues. Although companies still have employees dedicated to this job, the creation of chatbots has reduced their need. Users, too, can get answers immediately, no matter the time or place. With the advent of chatbots, the communication gap between customers and retailers has been greatly bridged. And this is all thanks to artificial intelligence. In the E-Commerce industry, chatbots are an absolute must for companies to survive. With the ever-evolving needs of customers, only AI-integrated machines would be able to respond to them timely. Moreover, these chatbots are designed to communicate much like humans, making the experience more comfortable.

Determining the Target Audience

Marketing is one of the fundamental pillars of the E-Commerce industry. And in the past few decades, the world has seen the complete digitalization of it. The key to successful marketing is knowing who you are advertising your product/service to. This makes all the difference when it comes to it. AI backed tools have made it easier to identify your target audience by going through a large database of a company’s customers and demographics and analyzing that data to give a complete overview of your clientele. This would otherwise take months to do, had humans been doing it. But it takes mere seconds for these AI-integrated tools and applications to do. 

Incorporating the In-Store Experience

Although online shopping has taken the world by storm, with more and more people choosing this hassle-free shopping way, in-store shopping still has its perks. Shopping in stores is an entirely different and unmatched experience. Companies are quickly taking advantage of the services they can offer their clients, despite selling to them remotely. Shoppers often turn to salespersons for suggestions, size availability, and other queries. This experience can be mimicked in online shopping, too, by introducing artificial intelligence-backed bots especially built to assist customers in shopping. This will give shoppers the best of both worlds and help them enjoy their shopping experience at your website. Many successful companies have adopted this idea, and many more in the pursuit of success are following suit.

Artificial intelligence has shaped the E-Commerce industry into what it is today. Over time, many of the above-mentioned practices have become normal and essential for many companies, but many are still apprehensive about adopting them. However, the quicker we realize that the future is AI, the better for us. The E-Commerce industry will keep evolving to keep up with technological advancements. To make a mark in this competitive and ever-growing industry, it is imperative that businesses transition to a new way of life. The E-Commerce industry has benefited greatly from AI, but there are many more benefits to be reaped and many more domains in the field that still have a long way to go.