Author: James Connor

SEIS and Exit Strategies

SEIS is a government initiative that offers investors tax breaks on losses of shares in certain small companies. The purpose is to encourage more capital into start-up businesses. The UK government seeks to encourage investment...

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Robot Kits For Kids

Robot kits offer children an exciting and engaging way to learn about electronics and programming. Furthermore, they help develop STEM skills as well as foster creativity. Robot kits come in all shapes and sizes, offering...

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Different Types of Fundraising

Fundraising is the practice of raising money from individuals to support a nonprofit organization. This can be accomplished in many ways, both online and off. Fundraising methods such as product sales, special events and...

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Robots in Real Life

Robots in real life are making their way into our workplaces and homes in a variety of ways. Some perform remarkable tasks that humans cannot, while others help us connect with one another. Some even provide companionship, which...

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What is ChatGPT?

Chatgpt is the hottest AI technology that’s taking the world by storm. It has gained more traction than giants such as Instagram and TikTok combined. It is an artificial intelligence language processor powered by a large...

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