A Discussion About Artificial Intelligent VS Robotic Agents

“Artificial Intelligence” is one of the hottest topics in today’s technological world. The advancement of computer science, especially artificial intelligence has paved the way for robots to take over many human jobs that were once the realm of machines. Thus, robots are now considered a hot topic in science fiction movies such as Terminator, Iron Man and the Rise of the Silver Surfer.

artificial intelligence film

In the fictional world of science fiction, there is a character by the name of John D.rocks who also goes by the name Skynet. Skynet was a cyborg hybrid created and developed by Skynet corporation as a long-time project to help create a super-intelligent robot. John D.rocks was the research scientist for this project and he is the father of artificially intelligent cyborgs named Argyle. Argyle was a robot who assisted John in completing the first artificial intelligence project.

Artificial intelligence, or artificial intelligence in this case, is the ability to achieve and surpass in achieving tasks with a certain degree of success. This was not possible with the original idea of a robotic assistant, the short circuit system or the autonomous human machine interface. The original idea was not able to achieve the goal of self-programming of artificial intelligence to do specific tasks. This was not because of any failure on the part of the creator but rather it was a failure in the efficiency of the human mind that was involved in this project.

In the movie of the same name, the main character is a man who goes by the name of Skynet. Skynet is an artificial intelligence system that was created and developed in artificially intelligent laboratories based on the concept of artificial intelligence. It was developed and built by three separate teams who were each operating in their own field. One team worked on developing the artificial intelligence, the other team worked on researching the different theories of how the machine learning system would function and the last team to work on testing the system. Each part was assigned a certain level of responsibility.

The short circuit system was designed and built to do one simple task, it would re-program itself into life when it receives orders from human operators. It was supposed to replace the need for having people in the loop and make the decision on its own. The autonomous human machine interface was also designed to be able to send complex orders to the robot without the need for a human to pilot the system. All three systems were supposed to be complete and able to accomplish the mission.

When the movie started, it was well known that the Terminator would be involved, as well as the artificially intelligent android androids. Fans of the science fiction and movie industry were very excited when Skynet and the AI were revealed to be the leading characters of the movie. In the beginning of the movie it was very clear that Skynet was the artificial intelligence computer network that was built by John Connery to protect Earth. John Connery is a Scottish actor best known for his role as the mysterious man called John Enterprises agent sent from Scotland to investigate a series of murders that have been occurring in London. The mystery and suspense of the movie kept the movie going for three weeks and eventually got released in the United States.

The other two films that were produced around the same time as the Terminator film were another sci-fi movie called Spy, and a science fiction film called Independence Day. Both movies were box-office hits and made a very good living off of the profits made from the movie. The Terminator did help set the stage for the amazing science fiction franchise that is Star Wars. That franchise has earned millions of dollars. Some think that the original Terminator movie might have been the precursor to Star Wars.

The original Terminator film starts off with a short circuit and a terminator jumps out of a nearby building. A young man named John falls victim to this short circuit and turns into a cyborg killing machine. This robot is programmed by the corporate security to kill anyone who tries to get near it as long as it is programmed to do so. John uses a device known as a doomsday device to kill this machine, but this sends John through a time portal and back into the future where the future is different than the present due to the actions of the future savior of humanity, Sarah Palin.