Image Source: Pixabay.

Robot technology has in no way capable of remaining with imagination and differing from the medium’s past exceptionally designed robots of all shapes, technology, features, and functions.

This obsession and attraction are right. The robot description is so broad and that it allows for an endless number of plans and so concepts.

It is possibly interesting that robots will practice because they discover a more mysterious truth about humanity. 

On the other hand, we also feed our primitive senses but destroy everything in sight.

Robots were built before any human beings imagined as well as what a robot could resemble but how a robot could behave, work and perform.

These systems developed the archetypes of most robotics we see in this 21st century, and also from the time of factory to warehouse robots to all the way to autonomous package delivery drones and subsea repairing vessels.

These are the five favourite robots of all time like you can have a glance:

  • Asimo
  • Honda E2-DR
  • Boston dynamics
  • Pepper
  • Robonaut 2


The world’s most advance humanoid robot, ASIMO, was built by the Japanese company Honda.

After 15 years of research and progress on October 31, 2000, the first ASIMO came into the world.

The robot, which has the appearance of a bit of an astronaut wearing a backpack, because the robot is capable of several activities, including driving, kicking a ball, going up and downstairs.

Identifying faces, the ability to distinguish others based on their appearance and voice. The name is an acronym for “Advanced Phase in Creative Mobility,” as well as an acronym for Ashita of no mobility, which means also “future mobility.”


The control system for ASIMO consists of about 20 CPUs and sensors designed and build inside many separate sub-systems that also communicate asynchronously by an internal message board.

Every sub-system is a PC with its operating system, and it is in charge of audio-visual sensory and identification, contact with the user, movement actuation, and power control.

Owing to each sub-system’s varying computing load and control.  The internal message board can be change but at different frequencies. 

Opposite to opinion, there is no core, intellectual AI to deal with random events, which means the system’s operations are also event-driven.


Honda has released a robot concept that draws on Asimo’s functionality and expands the reach of motion for emergency assistance.

In a 2015 R&D article, Honda proposed a disaster management robot but for the first time.

E2-DR intends to assist as a rescuer in many circumstances where human rescuers are reflected too critical.

It will apply with various sensors to traverse its potentially hazardous conditions.

Including three LED-equipped cameras,

Spinning laser rangefinders,

Infrared projectors,

And 3D cameras installed on its side.

The E2-DR robot’s thickness is about just 25cm. It can pass into tight spaces of just 30cm by spinning its body pieces, such as in blocked corridors.


Boston Dynamics is a Google-owned robotics company. Lately, they also released a video of their new creation, dubbed “handle.”

After a leaked video made headlines, the testing robot is publicly shown to the world. Handle portraying it as a nightmare. 

The company’s previous showcased robots, such as “spot mini,” which stands on two to four legs, handle, operate on two small wheels.

Moving back and forth, going downstairs, running in circles, hopping, squatting. Picking up crates are all demonstrated by the undeniably human-like robot.

“Handle’ is observed as the gliding down. Handle seems to appear more suitable to a pro-skateboarder. He can do many tricks if you do as a test robot.

The rolling handle is 6.5 feet long, runs at 9 miles per hour, and has a leap height of 4 feet.

The bot, which uses electric power to control electric and hydraulic actuators, can fly up to 15 miles on a single charge.


Pepper, has wheels which contains 62 pound and is a four foot high and tall at least, was born in Japan in 2014. According to Aldebaran, pepper is a robot that can sense and respond to humans, a SoftBank group.

Firms are using pepper to connect with consumers because of their ability to read the sentiment and opinion.

Pepper is making an impression on people in their homes, public events environments, shops, and classrooms, among like other places. He came to this industry in 2015. Pepper is a tool that companies can use, educators, and researchers, as well as developers.


The spacecraft Revelation recently embarked from its last flight to the International Space Station, leaving underneath a passenger and who would never reach earth.

The project’s astronauts released Robonaut 2, a highly dexterous humanoid robot with advanced vision features which combine duration and progressive scan vision.

R2 is a 300-pound, entirely functional robot with a head and body, and even 2 legs and 2 hands. An increased collection of sensors, furthermore including the mentioned colour cameras from Allied Vision and an ambient moment of time camera, are among R2’s many technical upgrades.


The past of robotics is a fascinating blend and combination of sci-fi, as well as meaningful technology. Asimov to become modern manufacturing robotics. Like many other robots, arrived early. Technology is becoming very fast and highly advanced.