Is Artificial Content OK For SEO?

Is Artificial Content OK for SEO? Terry asks himself, what he truly believes about artificial content and is it OK for SEO Gurus!
is artificial content ok for seo? Robot
is artificial content ok for seo? Robot

Is Artificial Content OK for SEO? Well, the answer is yes and no. In short, yes, you can use it, but no, you shouldn’t. There are some reasons you shouldn’t use it, but it is definitely OK to use if you use it correctly. Let me explain.

Many people think that they can fool the search engines by using text-based content on their websites. They will put a lot of keywords in there and place the text in different spots. They think that if the search engines can guess what they are saying, they can place their website somewhere near the top. This is, of course, completely wrong. It’s actually not OK to do this at all.

What Is A Spider?

The search engines are actually seeing your content as a “spider” on the web. They see your words are written on a web page, rather than an actual human being. If you use text-based pages, you are giving them something else to read, rather than actual human readable content. If you have keywords in the heading and sprinkle them throughout the entire page, then the search engine spiders will see this as a “page” of your website filled with keywords and not a real human being.
However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a website and place Google AdSense adverts and things like that within it. You can also build links to your website within other websites, and that’s actually fine. However, this isn’t good SEO. Because if the search engines think you are filling your website with keywords, you aren’t actually adding any value to the internet.

Instead of trying to fool the search engines and hope that they will do the right thing, it’s much better to find some software or a tool that will actually add to the value that your website already has. This will make your website more interesting because you have some unique content no one has ever seen before. You will have to spend some time learning how to use this new software and make it work for your own site. However, it is a better alternative to what many websites are doing, and it definitely beats trying to fool the bots.

In Conclusion – Is Artificial Content OK for SEO?

So, back to the original question: Is Artificial Content OK for SEO? Most likely, the answer is no unless you’re doing some fancy trick with the text and hoping that the search engines will like what you’ve created. To get any website to rank high in the search engines, you need to actually add content. Then, find some linking tool, and you have a successful SEO campaign right there.

Written by The Robot Writer – Artificial Content Systems.

{Human Writer} Terry goes against himself in this article. He is learning to get back to the original statement and question at the end though!

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