Increasing Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Various Fields

Artificial Intelligence

Increasing Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Various Fields

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that aims to build systems, such as computers, that can achieve human-like performance in various tasks. The word artificial Intelligence was first used in 1982 by James Clerk Maxwell, who predicted that with the help of computers, we would be able to design intelligent computers that would be able to emulate human brain functions. However, since then artificial intelligence has gone through many advancements. It was also believed that by using computers and superintractable logic, artificial intelligence could be developed. Later on, this theory was proved completely wrong but only to augment the already existing artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has many applications and includes tasks like weather prediction, stock trading, weather patterns, military operations etc. Today, there are many technologies available that help us in executing such artificial intelligence tasks. For example, a weather model that is able to predict rain in a city in four days or less is called as Weatherized Artificial Intelligence (Weather AI). Similarly, weather modeling is one of the uses of AI. In any case, artificial intelligence is used to aid human intelligence by creating tools and software that can take over or perform a particular task traditionally performed by a person.

One of the most prominent applications of AI is the development of software like the Face Bot, which is a face recognition software. It is similar to the capabilities of the human brain and is able to recognize different faces and understand them, much better than a human can. Such artificial intelligence techniques can be used in many other domains too. Some of the other applications include robotic assistance, weather prediction, traffic analysis etc. These applications are powered by deep neural networks intelligence, which aims at creating an agent with a high level of understanding of how the world works, and can adjust its behavior and perform future actions on the basis of what it has been taught.

Another important use of artificial intelligence is in expert systems. Expert systems refers to software that works independently to gather and analyze large amount of data and then make inferences from this information. It can also make predictions based on statistical and past data. This technology is based on natural language processing, decision tree structures and other forms of logic.

Besides these uses, there have been some successful ventures in Machine Learning. This form of artificial intelligence is used in things like voice recognition, speech translation, natural language processing, task management etc. IBM’s Watson is a well known example of Machine Learning. The main idea behind such projects is that the more data that is fed into the system, the better it will be able to do its job.

The success of artificially intelligent software like Watson can be further improved with the use of reinforcement learning. This is an area where the developer of a program makes certain that the program does what it is supposed to do. For instance, if a user gives the machine a simple command, and the system responds to it correctly, then the user will be praised and rewarded for his effort. Similarly, the more correct a machine is in completing a task, the more praise it will get. Similarly, the more tasks the AI robot completes, the more rewards it will be given. If an AI robot can successfully complete even one task after training, then it will be considered as a super-intelligent machine.

Recently, a new project called “IBM Watson” has been launched to provide artificial intelligence with human intelligence. The project includes chat Bots, which are artificially intelligent assistants with whom a user can have personal conversations. Users could use chat Bots to ask their favorite brands about the latest products, to ask their favorite brands for product recommendations etc. Today, IBM has already started using IBM Watson with its commercial enterprises and upcoming customer service businesses.

However, these chat Bots are far off from replacing humans in various departments. Currently, IBM is focusing on the areas of finance and e-commerce. Deep Blue is a good example of an artificial intelligence project that aims at providing artificial intelligence to finance and accounting systems. In the long run, there are so many areas in which technology can be applied to make life better for the users. Experts opine that, the use of AI in all of these fields will lead to significant changes in the way business is conducted.