Ideal Educational Robot Kit for Kids and Family Time

Robot Master is much more than a simple fun toy, but it is the basis for your kids to explore and solve problems.

Here’s a building block set that your kids can use to build more than 100 robots and control them with an app or graphical programming. The Makerzoid Robot Master Set contains 370 pieces. It contains 23 robotics courses to teach your kids the basics of programming.

How it works

MakerZoid (Standard) is a robot coding kit suitable for beginners. After creating the robot, you can easily reach the coding by dragging and dropping in the programming APP. Kids can learn to code easily and in an interesting way by getting into coding basics and beyond. Download the APP, children can use the official program to control the robot, or create a new program on the APP program platform. To develop your children’s logical thinking and creativity.

About the product

1. Creative and educational steam toy

Robot Master was developed by a team of robot experts to teach children comprehensive vaping knowledge in an engaging and fun way. Children learn to draw, code, and create while having fun.

2. 370+ blocks and 1. Over 100 robot models in

With this Robot Master Standard Compact Edition, you can build over 100 robots ranging from simple to complex and add a lot of robot knowledge like machines, cogs, structure, gears, and more.

3. Home tutor & teaching aids to learn to program

The kit comes with 23 robotics courses for kids who can learn how to build, control, and program at home while paying for this toy. It’s a bit easier than the premium version and good for the kids’ self-learning.

4. Graphic programming and APP control

Kids learn to code and develop creative problem-solving skills while playing with this interactive educational toy featuring graphical programming that’s as easy as a drag-and-drop game. You can also bring this techno toy to life with APP control.

5. Detailed paper manual and APP instruction

Paper Manual teaches kids how to build robots from simple to complex, so kids can have fun working without the intervention of smart devices. And it is also equipped with an APP to teach them how to create robots, control them and write programs.

6. Spend quality time with your children

Both kids and parents will have fun building and programming a robot. Besides, it helps to develop children’s minds, DIY, and logical thinking skills.

The best robot/STEM kit we’ve seen for young kids, MakerZoid offers coding in a game that’s so much fun, that your kids won’t even know they’re learning valuable skills.

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