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Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the world. Almost every industry, whether it is the fashion industry, education sector, or entertainment industry, is using AI. Often unbeknownst to us, we use AI in our day-to-day tasks. From smartphones to self-driving cars, the world of AI is developing faster than we can imagine. For the upcoming decade, AI has a lot more in store. Artificial Intelligence will be making more progress in the next decade, leading to greater revenues in industries and increased efficiency. Here are a few industries that will benefit further from it:

Essential Tasks

AI has made everyone’s life easier, and will keep doing so. Older people will not have to do chores by themselves. There will be AI-assisted tools that will be able to perform house tasks. The AI machines will cook the food and clean the houses. In addition to that, AI-powered robots will be capable of detecting the person’s fall or movement, assisting and notifying them for taking medicines, appointments, and other important tasks. Hence, AI-assisted tools will help them live independently and provide companionship for lonely people. This will also be an advantage for the young.

In the upcoming ten years, Artificial Intelligence will program robots to do all the house chores. The AI assisting tools will perform tasks such as doing laundry washing dishes in only a few minutes. Homeowners won’t even have to put the dishes into the dishwasher or clothes for laundry. The robots would do all these tasks. Furthermore, Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri will be more advanced. Tech-specialists predict that they will be able to show holograms.

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is one of the many industries that Artificial Intelligence is altering. AI has a huge part in helping designers and manufacturers in the field of fashion, from designing to stitching to selling, AI helps at every level. The companies will have an improved online shopping experience for the buyers and with the help of chatbots and AI-assistants, it will be easier to assist customers and improve sales.


Artificial intelligence would bring considerable improvements in the entertainment sector too. Subsequently, filmmakers can expect to make more profits and not worry about their movies failing at the box office. AI integrated programs will be able to analyze film storylines and predict their performance at the box office. Additionally, films’ production will also see many advancements with powerful editing software and new technologies allowing filmmakers to achieve tasks that are impossible to do now.

Where AI-based programs are already automating many tasks like breaking down scripts, creating subtitles, and predicting movie budgets, with research in this field, it may create content on its own. Moviemakers will also benefit from the marketing front. Powerful artificially-intelligent programs, paired with large data sets, will accurately predict the best marketing approach, saving cost. As a result of all these advantages, and more, aspiring filmmakers will have all the tools to create content with more ease, in a time and cost-effective way.


Smart transportation has already become a part of our life and artificial intelligence has changed the game for this industry. With self-driving cars, AI has had much effect on the world. However, there is much more to come. With all the cars and other vehicles being completely autonomous, the rate of accidents will almost disappear. And, experts also say that traffic rate will reduce and traveling will be safer. Many European countries already make use of driverless trains, which is cost-effective for the countries as it requires less labor. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence would change transportation In the future industry


The healthcare industry has enjoyed many benefits of artificial intelligence, helping hospitals to reduce overall costs and save more lives than they would without. But there still a long way to go when it comes to incorporating artificial intelligence in this sector and benefiting from the rapidly developing field.

Starting from the most elementary job that doctors are required to do: paperwork, to the more complex ones, like performing operations, artificial intelligence has made strides on all levels in healthcare. But this is just the beginning. In the future, artificial intelligence is projected to up Medical imagery’s accuracy and precision. Many ongoing research pieces are focused on using AI-backed tools to perform better medical imagery and widen the spectrum of diseases that can be diagnosed by artificial intelligence. AI is projected to change medicine by largely digitizing it in the coming year. AI-powered programs should be able to diagnose any disease and prescribe accurate medicines. Although it seems far fetched, work is already underway.

Cyber Security 

In the past decade,  artificial intelligence has upgraded cybersecurity in many aspects. AI-based tools are expected to be smarter to protect sensitive data and information. Furthermore, artificial intelligence will defend against cyberattacks and identify them earlier in the event of one taking place. AI will also mitigate these attacks’ effects and quickly resolve problems that take humans much longer to solve.

Artificial Intelligence is what will drive the future. And it will be more prevalent in our lives in the coming years. From the most trivial tasks like scheduling an appointment or ordering food to more complicated ones, AI will make things easier for us on all fronts. Humans will essentially sit back and relax, while AI will do all the work.