Exciting Home Use Robots in 2020

R2D2 Robot
R2D2 Robot

It’s no longer a science-fiction to say that you’re employing a robot in your home and cover your household tasks. Today, every home can have robots that can assist them in completing particular household tasks like cleaning, managing, companion, or even security. In fact, these robots are currently available in houseware or electronic stores and you can even buy them online through e-commerce platforms.

With progressive robotic science development, Artificial Intelligence, and strong business visions of those manufacturers, home-use robots have become more accessible for everyone. Some of them are even more affordable than your tech gadgets and do their jobs way better than you do. Check some common home use robots you may consider to employ for your home and make your life easier.

AI Virtual Home Assistant

More people have transformed their home into a smart home with AI virtual home assistant products. It’s a great home implementation for humanoid robots that help you control household devices, provide personal assistant, playing entertainment, set ideal temperature, and even work as your security system. For those who work from home, this robot provides them with incredibly helpful assistance including scheduling meetings, setting agendas, accessing devices, and so forth.

The virtual home assistant is fully programmable and can be personalized to accommodate your residential requirements and preferences. Some of them even come in the form of smart mobile companion products. Not only that you can personalize greetings and get help with your household, but these home assistant robots can also even babysit and entertain your kids. More manufacturers currently produce intuitive robots with entertainment functions.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner robots have gained popularity especially among residents living in flats or apartments even though more homes use them as well. You can use a control vacuum cleaner robot through your smartphone via an app and Wi-Fi connection. You can also use a voice home assistant robot to activate a vacuum cleaner. They not only vacuuming your floors and rugs but these robots can identify particular spots for extra attention. Some of them are even able to go and plug themselves into the charging station when the battery is low or as preset. Home cleaning robots for indoor usage get more variety in the future.

Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic lawnmowers are just a helpful assistant for homes with grassy front yards and/or backyard. These robots are powered with batteries instead of gasoline machines so you can mow your grass more silently and more efficiently. You can launch robotic lawnmowers and you can do other tasks while tidying up. Robotic lawn mowers currently available in the markets come with presets and the ability to return to the charging station. Lawnmower robots have become a more efficient and convenient lawn mowing solution than fossil-fueled engines.

Robotic Pool Boy

Another popular home use robot is the robotic pool boy that works smartly vacuuming and cleaning your backyard pool. Instead of hiring an expensive pool cleaning service, you can launch this robotic pool boy and sit back while it’s scrubbing the pool tiles and vacuuming debris from your pool. Today’s robotic pool boys come with GPS and a more ergonomic design that allows them to maneuver and complete pool cleaning tasks more efficiently. On the other hand, employing this robot is way more affordable than hiring a human pool boy in the long term.

Robotic Carrier

It’s no longer a secret that there are times where you need extra hands in your own house. Today, you can have a robotic carrier that can follow you around your flat and help you carry things at once. Not only can you use this robotic carrier in your home, but you can also employ it as a porter when you go to grocery stores or warehouses. They’re reliable, efficient, and not complaining about any tasks they’re assigned. Some of these robotic carriers can even be synchronized with your gadgets and smart home assistant interface.

Family Companionship Robots

Family companionship robots could have been a fundamental robotic breakthrough for home uses. Not only can they do household work but they also work as companions for family members especially for children and the elders. These family companionship robots come with intuitive designs and utility functions while some of them come with multiple inputs to accommodate other helpful devices. Popular family companionship robots can play with children. Some manufacturers even produce home nursing robots that cater to basic nursing tasks that can help people in home-based recovery and treatment.

Window Cleaner

What’s more exhausting and more tedious than sweeping your floor? Cleaning windows! Yes, it could be a tedious yet dangerous task to clean windows especially when it comes to cleaning the outer sides of the high and tall windows. Fortunately, you can now employ window cleaner robots designed to clean your windows while you can sit back. These window cleaners are even AI-powered so that they can scrub your windows evenly regardless of the size and shape. They don’t need your hand as window cleaner robots come with smart suction that supports their own body.

Home Educational Robots

Today, our kids can sustain and develop their learning experience without leaving their home with home education robots. Learning from home doesn’t have to sacrifice important elements of learning. There are currently modulated educational robots that help kids in creative thinking, problem-solving, and even coding. Backed up with tutorials and resourceful materials, your kids can comprehend essential knowledge and fundamental skills in technology and science. Most importantly, these robots help kids learn about innovation at an earlier stage of their life. They can make their own robot which is super fun but effective learning experience at home.


Today’s home use robots not only support basic household tasks but they can go deeper into social and even educational aspects. Most of these robots usually come with presets and connectivity interfaces that make your life easier. From now on, home use robots would get wider applications, more advanced, and more intuitive. Manufacturers would likely embrace artificial intelligence for upcoming home use robots.

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