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Fuzzy logic applications use a complicated artificial intelligence software to perform evaluations, reach conclusions and make decisions. In the decision-making process, fuzzy logic software follows a process similar to the thought process we use as humans. Although it is not conscious, we evaluate situations based on pre-established criteria all the time.

How Does Fuzzy Logic Work?

For example, if you do a Google search for the phrase “Fuzzy logic applications,” it will present you with a list of web pages as search results. If you want to purchase software, you will automatically reject all articles discussing the topic. If you wish to read on the subject, you are unlikely to click on advertisements for software. This is an example of human-style fuzzy logic at work. Your brain is like a computer but infinitely more complex and efficient. As you conduct your search on Google, you have a destination in mind. When you begin a search for a product, like a do-it-yourself robot kit, you will find that you evaluate each search result to decide whether it is close enough to what you want to justify a click. In order to accomplish that same process of assessing the data, to find the most appropriate match according to the desired result, computers use fuzzy logic applications.

Artificial Intelligence Software

Artificial intelligence software makes fair use of fuzzy logic in areas that do not have clear rules or absolute values. In any case where the answer will be “sometimes” or “maybe,” fuzzy logic is helpful.

  • Creditworthiness – Fuzzy logic can be used to help evaluate the credit of a borrower. Sometimes, a borrower with a low credit score should be given credit if they have other positive attributes, such as a stable income and considerable assets. Read more in Fuzzy Logic Applications for Banking and Loans.
  • Robotics – Fuzzy logic is tremendously useful in helping a robot decide what to do with sensory input. Each type of contact will require a different response, depending on several factors. Read more about the AI’s role in current robotic technology in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Combine in Modern War Robots.
  • Business Intelligence – Fuzzy logic applications can help executives evaluate decisions based on a number of criteria. Read more in Fuzzy Logic Improves Decision Support Software.

Fuzzy Logic Applications & AI Solutions

Fuzzy logic applications can be used for a variety of AI solutions. This type of information processing algorithm can be complicated to create, but the rewards are immense.

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