Deep Learning Vs Machine Learning – Which One is For Your Business?

Using AI within your business

Deep Learning Vs Machine Learning – Which One is For Your Business?

Understanding and utilising AI in your company can benefit both the small to medium-sized business and simultaneously assist to make businesses much more productive and profitable at a low ROI. Understanding the correct approach is vital in ensuring that your implementation is effective. This does not however, mean jumping in head first and implementing anything and everything that you come across. Rather it means hiring a consultant who has the necessary skill set to understand what you need and how best to implement your ideas. Once implemented, you can then take benefit of the various benefits of using Artificial Intelligence within your company.

Why use artificial intelligence specifically? Firstly, it eliminates many of the variables that are inherent in the decision making process of running a business. For example, you no longer need to consider the skills, traits and temperaments of your employees. All data collected by the software will be based entirely on hard facts. Secondly, these types of programs rely on the knowledge of a human brain to perform their work. Therefore, when decisions are made, the algorithm will look at all factors including human behavior, rather than following the natural reaction which is usually triggered by the stimulus around you.

When using artificial intelligence for customer satisfaction, you’re implementing a tool that mimics the way a real human brain works. With this in mind, you are able to use it to improve your sales, eliminate your needs for human intervention and provide a much clearer picture of exactly what your customers want. However, with so many different benefits to exploiting, it is important to understand that not every company is able to make the transition.

Companies using deep learning and artificial intelligence are able to process large amounts of data in a shorter period of time. This is because of the way in which the artificial neural networks are designed to deal with data in a logical and structured fashion. Deep learning allows the creation of new connections between different regions of information. The network’s ability to take in and make sense of this information also increases the speed of learning and will result in an increase in efficiency.

When looking at the benefits of using artificial intelligence for customer experience, we can first look at how it will allow companies to handle the tasks that used to be handled by a human employee. Consider that most customer service tasks involve interacting with someone over the phone or from a distance. While in the past these may have been easily handled by a person, they now need to be managed manually in order to keep up with the pace of today’s business environment. Artificial neural networks will allow businesses to eliminate this need for human intervention by creating a completely digital experience for their customers.

While most businesses are aware of the fact that artificial intelligence is the key to creating a more cohesive customer experience, they also know that the more a system can be pre-programmed for a specific situation the better. Think about things like automated call center functions or having systems in place to handle voice message communication over the phone. The ability to pre-program a solution for any given situation will help your business to remain flexible and prevent your employees from becoming bored with performing the same task. If you can program your ai to work when needed, you can guarantee that your weak I will not be wasting valuable man hours performing unneeded tasks.

While weak ai can cost your company money because you will have to hire more employees to deal with the extra workload, the cost is often far outweighed by the cost of having to re-train and retrain your customer service agents in order to have any hope of retaining the person. With strong ai, the cost of hiring employees to handle customer calls becomes completely unnecessary. In fact, when strong ai is combined with deep learning algorithms, the cost of hiring employees becomes almost nonexistent.

Overall, the difference between artificial intelligence and deep learning vs. machine learning is a matter of whether or not the function is truly required for the task at hand. For example, if your business deals largely in sales and leads generation, then a strong AI system will do just fine. However, if you want your ad to help your company develop new products or even provide training for new employees, then a deep learning algorithm will likely be more effective. Machine learning and I are two different systems which can work together in order to achieve the most beneficial results. However, you must make sure that your business is using the right one for the job.