Building an AI Chatbot as Easy as 1-2-3 With Querlo

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Of Chatbots

Almost any product or service needs some form of customer or technical support. It is said that 80% of customers who reach out for help often ask general questions that are answered repeatedly. The problem is, most people find it hard to search for a FAQs section of a business webpage, or do not read them at all. Some patrons want an interactive response to their troubles, like chatting with Querlo.

With the use of AI chatbots, problems like these can be solved. Chatterbots can answer questions repeatedly without having to use a lot of resources while satisfying patrons of having an interactive experience with their concerns.

But did you know you can build an AI virtual assistant just by having a good understanding of flowcharts? This is how Querlo builds chatterbots.

What is Querlo?

Marketed as The Chatbot with a heart, Querlo is an AI virtual assistant maker with straightforward customization tools that can fit into many business paradigms. It has a flowchart approach in constructing a tailored AI virtual assistant, which is user-friendly for coders and developers. You can insert pictures, videos, and code in the chart, and it will show it as is or execute it with ease for the end-user.

This web-based application can execute NLUs in 13 languages. Natural language understanding is an AI technique that can understand the context and intent of end-user language data inputs. It is considered a hard problem in artificial intelligence, so this is built with cutting-edge technology, and yet is presented to be an easy online chatbot builder.

A Bit of Querlo History

Francesco Rulli, the multimillionaire philanthropist founder and CEO of the Querlo company, established his first Italian company in 1995. Between 2004-2014, he ventured into different digital markets such as video hosting, cryptocurrency services, and a gamified social media site (BitLanders).

In 2015, he launched an innovative his AI platform, Querlo, and in 5 years has grown to develop 6000 custom-fit chatterbots. The AI platform has been used by 35 international brands including HSBC, Forbes, IBM, and Swarovski.

With a team of 16 talented multinationals, the AI platform has different other projects. While those projects are built on the foundation of virtual assisting using AI chatbots, each is slightly different from each other.

Some Querlo Features

Customized URIs

You can rename and edit the unique resource identifier of your AI chatbots, made from this AI program. A URI is a whole website name (URL + UNI) of a web page.

10 Answer Nodes

In a flowchart, nodes are added as a new branch in the flow when it satisfies a statement of a previous node. The first node is coined as root.

Photo/Video Input and Output

You can insert photos and videos that will be shown to the end-user.

Chatbot to Chatbot Connection

You can connect a Querlo-powered chatbot to another Querlo-powered chatterbot. You can choose to have a return node to return you to the previous chatbox, or just end end-user interaction within the current chatbox.

Media Embedding

The AI program can be embedded within a website or can standalone as an independent webpage.

Voice Input and Output

You can listen to an attached sound file, upload an audio file, or record sound in real-time.


It implements the use of NLU powered by high-tech AI and is trained with datasets of about 13 languages.

Customized Layout

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) file is a readable set of codes in-app. It is used to modify the look of a chat box.

Customized Branding

By default, the free feature has the Querlo logo embedded on the chat box. You can remove and customize this when you upgrade your subscription.

API calls

Receive and collect data from a server when an end-user presses the ‘OK’ or ‘submit’ button in the chat box.


This AI platform can analyze data that has been sent to your user account. For example, it will be able to tell you how many picked the first answer in the third answer node of a question. It is helpful to statistically analyze data.

About Flowcharts

While we will not guide you step by step, we will help you visualize what goes inside of building a chat bot. A Querlo-built chatterbot requires that you know how a programming flowchart works.

If you happen to come across an image online with lines connected to shapes and those shapes have questions in it, which are answerable by yes, no or maybe, and leads you to another question until you reached a conclusion, then that is a flowchart.

Well, the VA builder has a similar look in the coder’s view, but the text questions and answers can be made more complex. You can add more than 3 answers per question, and add another node (or return to the previous question node) in each of the 3 answers. It is also akin to making family tree or genealogy chart, but you can connect the lower levels to the upper levels (the API will loop though).

Querlo Applications

This web-based app has been mainly used for surveys, FAQs, customer service support, and for informational purposes. Though you can get creative and find other ways on how to implement this AI platform for personal and commercial use. If you want, you can build your whole interactive business website on Querlo.

With the data gathered, the platform can also be used for metrics and analytics, statistical information that can serve to improve the quality of service and products of an enterprise.

Querlo Customer Support

Querlo’s customer service support is superb. They answer promptly and professionally to your queries, in a cordial tone.

Wrap Up

Probably the most integrative and useful AI technology in the market today for small and big enterprises alike is a chatbot. The chatterbot sub-industry is forecasted to rise by about 35% in 2026, with an estimate of USD102 billion in revenue.

Making artificial intelligence does not have to be that complicated, especially in building AI chatbots. It should look smart enough to end-users but simple enough to be created by non-IT people. With an AI virtual assistant builder like Querlo, this is made possible.

The web browser ported software could be of use not only for customer and technical support. You can also use this platform to conduct surveys, disseminate information, build a FAQs section or create an entire interactive website out of it.

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