Artificial Intelligence Versus Human Intelligence

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Intelligence plays an essential part in the functioning of both the technical world and the human world. However, Artificial and Human intelligence are somewhat interlinked. No machine can work without the instructions of a human mind. Intellectual minds made the software and instructions on which the machine works. They differ in so many ways.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a term that refers to technology that allows machines to think and act like humans. It facilities machines in copying human action based on behavioral actions, which is used in nearly every single field, whether it is healthcare, animations, visual effects, and so forth.

Whether we acknowledge the influence of Artificial intelligence on our life or not, but we still have it everywhere around us. For instance, when we operate Google Maps to know the exact directions to our destination. Also, the voice assistants or the smart speaker such as Siri, Alexa, comes under the term of artificial intelligence. Autocorrection on mobiles, facial recognition used for security measures, and so on, are a few examples of artificial intelligence.

The computer has the ability to self-learn, self-analyze, and self-correct. it requires very little or no human intervention during processing.

What is Human Intelligence?

Human Intelligence is a God-gifted ability to mankind. It is characterized as a psychological quality in humans that involves the potential to learn from previous experiences, adjust to new circumstances, manage complex thoughts, and alter one’s world using information learned. 

Human intelligence is what makes us capable enough to escape from difficult scenarios while thinking our way out of that difficulty. Moreover, it helps us manage our interpersonal relationships and what not. Thinking ability is what makes the human mind superior to  machines.

Difference between Artificial and Human Intelligence

Following are the difference between Artificial and Human Intelligence:

1) Nature in contrast:

 Human Intelligence attempts to respond to current conditions by integrating a range of cognitive techniques, while Artificial Intelligence aims to construct machines that imitate human activity and execute human-like acts. Therefore, by nature, the human mind is analogous, while computers are mechanical. 

2) Adaptation:

Artificial intelligence takes too long to accept new changes, while humans adapt quickly to new situations, enabling and master a variety of skills.

3) Reliance: 

 The basic distinction between both the intelligence is that humans use their brains, thinking abilities, and memory to perform a particular task, whereas machines rely on data or software provided to them.

4) Speed:

 In contrast to humans, computers can process more information at such a faster pace. Humans cannot even compete with the computer’s pace. Machines generate data within seconds, which is quite not possible for a normal human being.

5) Analytical skills:

Insightful thoughts and behaviours form the foundation of the human intellect. Moreover, humans learn and improve from their errors. As a consequence, this argument is made because robots are incapable of thought and learning from experience. They can only benefit from the knowledge and daily instruction given to them. But they will never be able to think in the way that humans do.

6) Processing:

 Humans are good at social interaction in many respects because they can build intellectual data, have consciousness, and are responsive to the sentiments of everyone else. However, Artificial Intelligence has yet to develop the ability to process relevant social entertaining codes. 

Concluding with the fact that, Artificial Intelligence is a valuable technology which will become the standard in the coming years in all the industries. Since it is gradually reshaping the market, and robotics, combined with smart workflow. Even so, Artificial information has a decent grasp on intellectual behavior but has yet not beaten the thinktank of humans, and won’t be able to beat it in anytime soon.

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