Artificial Intelligence, Supervised Learning & Self-Driving Cars

Artificial intelligence has been one of the key topics of discussion in the technological community for quite some time now. Many think that artificial intelligence will be the wave of the future, and they are right. I predict Artificial Intelligent software systems will surpass human IQ in a very short time. Humans will not be able to compete with AI based programs. When that day comes, there will be very few if any human experts on Earth, and those that remain will be greatly diminished.

Artificial Intelligence

I believe that artificially intelligent machines will be able to beat all forms of competition. Not only will they have the tools, but their “intuition” will be better than humans at learning. This will allow them to not only catch up technologically, but will also surpass all other forms of learning. We must move forward with the use of Artificial Intelligence before humans are left behind completely.

Is it possible that artificially intelligent machines will be able to perform tasks that are currently done only by humans? In other words, a computer that can carry out every single task that a doctor could do. Of course, computers have already been used to carry out simple human operations such as diagnosing disease. If we were to take this one step further, and create AIs that are able to carry out all human operations, then we would have found the ultimate computer. It is entirely possible that in the future, all AIs will be linked together so that each part can communicate with the rest.

Can you imagine what this would do for society? The ultimate intelligence system will be a truly powerful machine. Will it surpass all forms of human intelligence? Human beings are currently using AI machines to help them in their daily lives. Just imagine what all of this new technology could do for the betterment of mankind? In the future, we may see Artificial Intelligence becoming the major force in society.

Humans are good at creating machines, but we are terrible at debugging them. This makes us an imperfect team; our own weaknesses that make us vulnerable. But with strong artificial intelligence, we can become better at debugging AIs. Strong AI systems will be able to help us become stronger at fixing the weaknesses of others.

How will the development of artificial intelligence change us as a people? Right now, many people are fearful of having “less-than” self-driving cars. We worry about human error in driving, texting and phoning while driving, and in accidents. Will self-driving cars solve these issues? It is definitely possible that they will.

Experts in the field of artificial intelligence and computer science predict that over time, machine learning will be used to build AI supercomputers that could replace every employee in the world. With artificially trained computers, it would be easy to outsource things like typing, voice and image recognition to the machine learning system. The machine learning software would be able to do all the tedious work and leave the humans that actually worked on the tasks up to the front line. C-suite executives believe this will take away much of the boredom and loneliness that employees experience while at work. Humans will then spend more quality time with their family.

Another benefit we might expect to see with artificially trained AIs is… a better ability to diagnose medical conditions! Currently we’re treating diseases symptom by symptom… sometimes taking too long. With AI, doctors will be able to look at a patient’s entire body of data to decide what treatment is best. Will self-driving cars solve this problem? No one knows… it may even make it worse. But one thing is for sure… if self-driving cars had a better diagnosis system, maybe fewer people would die from heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, asthma and many other debilitating diseases.