Artificial Intelligence in Law Enforcement

AI Law enforcements

Artificial Intelligence in Law Enforcement

When considering the future of artificially intelligent law enforcement, I think we should stop to consider what it might mean for humanity as a whole. If we were to develop a superior intelligence system that could analyze, store, and act on all possible forms of law then would we be able to completely eliminate crime? It is my contention that if we can build such a system then it might just be possible to have an AI police which is indistinguishable from a human being, and in fact perhaps would be indistinguishable from a human being because they wouldn’t need emotions, clothing, or a social sense to get themselves arrested.

It makes me think about all the different types of weapons we have used in the past to bring down civilizations; whether they be nuclear weapons chemical weapons, or simply kinetic bombardment. A lot of this weaponry has made the entire world a much safer place, but there are still some rogue nations that want to try using these weapons of mass destruction against their neighbors. As we move into the future these weapons will likely only be used against rogue nation states with nuclear weapons. But what if highly advanced AI police had the ability to analyze all of this and prevent war by pre-empting potential acts of violence? I believe that if we can build such a system then we will be able to completely abolish war.

The potential legal issues with an AI police system are interesting; after all if the police are not completely indistinguishable from humans then how do you stop them from torturing people? Well if you eliminate the emotions and clothing a person is wearing then there is no way to tell if they are guilty or not. However if we can develop artificial intelligence that can discern whether or not a person is guilty based on facial features then they may be able to take an extra step in a case where they may not necessarily have intentionally harmed anyone. Such a system may be especially helpful in preventing police brutality which unfortunately is a very common occurrence in today’s society. Such a system may also come in handy when deciding if a person is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

An artificially intelligent system that is able to differentiate between good and bad decisions would also prove useful when it comes to deciding on warrants for arrest. A major problem in today’s society is the fact that many people do not even understand that they have a right to an attorney or lawyer. With such a system on hand the police could easily determine if a person is guilty without having to spend a great deal of time in court. Additionally in many areas people are required to have their own lawyer unless they can afford one and these costs can become very high. In many jurisdictions it is absolutely mandatory that everyone have their own lawyer and therefore such systems will make it much easier to enforce the law and prevent the abuse of power.

Currently in the United States there are currently over 2 million people in jail for drug related offenses. It is true that the war on drugs is an ongoing battle, however if this effort were to succeed we could easily see millions more people behind bars within a few short years. Such a system would certainly reduce the number of drug related crimes and this would be very good for public safety. If it was shown that an AI system could reduce crime then the cost of such a system would immediately become clear.

There are also concerns that some people may misuse such a system. For example, if there was a system which proved to be so accurate that it proved to be able to identify every single person who had ever been arrested then there would be no need for law enforcement officers. It might be possible to hire someone else to do the identifying. The benefits of such a system are many. If you are a law enforcement agency or a private citizen, you might want to check out what such a system can do for you.

The next question would be whether you should be researching such a thing yourself? Well, if you wanted to start using such a system you would have to build your own, right? After all, you would be required to put in the time and effort in the initial stages in order to make the artificial intelligence work. Of course, it would help if you acquired a good source of data that you could use as well, in order to build such a system.

So, if you are a law enforcement agency or a private citizen researching artificial intelligence, I recommend you go ahead and get a good book on the subject. You could also use one of the many online resources that deal with this area of law enforcement. In fact, it is not out of the ordinary for researchers to seek out such books in order to better understand the field. Indeed, this technology has great potential to make our world a safer place.