Archangel Lightworks Secures Equity Investment to Support Job Creation, Property and R&D

Archangel Lightworks recently secured an equity investment of £4 million from Oxford Science Enterprises and Silicon Roundabout Ventures to fund research and development in the area of wireless laser communications technology. This technology promises to revolutionize the way space-ground optical networking is done. Let’s take a closer look at why this investment was so important for Archangel Lightworks.

The Purpose of the Investment
This investment was made with a specific purpose in mind—to support proof of concept demonstrations by growing its team and acquiring new lab testing sites. With this injection of capital, Archangel Lightworks will be able to hire new employees and purchase property that can be used for its research and development initiatives. This funding not only allows them to expand their operations, but it also gives them access to the resources needed to test out their new technologies and bring them to market sooner than would have been possible otherwise.

Research & Development Benefits
One of the most exciting aspects of this investment is that it will allow Archangel Lightworks to significantly accelerate their research and development process. With additional resources available, they can now devote more time and manpower towards creating innovative solutions that can help bridge communication gaps between ground stations and satellites in space. This could open up new possibilities for communications applications that were previously untapped due to technological limitations.

Archangel Lightworks’ recent equity investment has placed them in an ideal position for success moving forward. By having access to additional resources such as job creation, property acquisition, and research & development opportunities, they are well-equipped to further develop their wireless laser communications technology into something truly revolutionary. We look forward to seeing what amazing things come out of this investment!

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