8 Robots Name The Job Description Just Like Humans

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Auto(maton) for Hire

What was once a figment of our imagination and a toy in our yesteryears has received a higher calling. These robots name with new jobs have become not only collectibles displayed on our wall but are now building the walls!

Their upgrade of job description from still entertainers to many other things such as a cook is a great big leap in the robotics industry since the last decades. Thanks to these dedicated assistants (and their makers), lives will be lived more conveniently. Best of all is that they do not complain on the job nor leave for vacation.

Here are some of 8 robots (AI robots or non-AI bots) doing human work:


In 2015, Moley Robotics had come up a way to build a robot that can be useful in the kitchen. The robots name, Moley, it is your ultimate kitchen aid that knows over a thousand recipes. Powered with machine learning and artificial intelligence, it watched the 2011 MasterChef winner Tim Anderson as its training material for learn how to cook.

Moley consists of two robotic arms contained inside a glass box with kitchen tools inside. This state of the art droid can be bought for $15,000 (that is in 2017, imagine inflation today). What is more exquisite about this invention is that after working the wok, it also knows how to clean up afterwards.

Construction Worker

Suffice to say, there had been many robotics lab that have applied artificial intelligence in construction equipment, to augment their use and for autonomous work. Fastbrick Robotics, Built Robotics, and Blueprint Robotics are such start-ups, just to name a few.

Fastbrick Robotics has come up a way to automate bricklaying with the robots name Hadrian X. Caterpillar and The KSA are some of its patrons, with Caterpillar pledging $2 million for this project, and with the country in contract with the tech up to 2022. Hadrian X is said to be 10x faster, safer, and more efficient in using building materials compared manpower efforts.


Harvest pickers with robots name like Harvest CROO’s Berry 5, and Cambridge University’s Vegebot are high-tech AI robots that have been employed in the agricultural sector. Berry 5’s forte is in strawberry picking, while Vegebot has mastered the art of picking lettuce (though it can also be programmed to pick other crops).

There are also robots that can remove weeds, and work effectively at floral greenhouses. HV-100 of Harvest Automaton is delicate enough to harvest ornamental plants while being smart in running up the whole greenhouse with great precision. Meanwhile, Naio Technologies presents Ted, the tough weed killer in the grapevine (lol). AI drones have also been employed for aeral crop views and for seed-planting.


Apart from spiritual leaders, pilots, and captains, robots have been made to seal the deal of “I dos.” I-Fairy and Father Emiglio can officiate—in high-tech style—wedding ceremonies. I-fairy was made in Japan, while Father Emiglio is a customized version made from an Italian toy (plus other stuff from whatnots).

I-Fairy can be bought for $68,000USD. Meanwhile, Universal Life Church in California allowed Father Emiglio act as an officiant, while a real-life minister controls him (with voice and all) from afar. This just implies that no matter the distance and other constraints, the wedding must continue.


Two bottles of Ritalin please? Well, giddy down, not only human pharmacists can perform this complicated task, but robots as well. Meet BoxPick, PillPick, and PillPack, the odd robots name trio at Standford Medical Facility as famed robot pharmacists.

Made by an Italian Robotics company, Swisslog, these three AI robots work hand in hand to deliver accurate medication within the hospital. They are also governed by an inventory system named EPIC, which records, takes the orders and dispenses the information from the three hardworking bots. They say that the trinity bots are more efficient and faster than many human pharmacists combined.

Police Officer

Did you know there are real-life RoboCops scattered throughout the globe right now? While not as cool in appearance as the popular cyborg police officer, these bots have undertaken the pledge in protecting civilians from criminals.

Among these are REEM bots, OR-3 autonomous car, SwatBot, and Knightscope K5. REEM listens to your problems, OR3 surveys areas for surveillance, SwatBot barge down doors, and K5 patrols buildings for lawbreakers. REEM and OR-3 are used in Dubai, SwatBot in the US, and K5 in China.


Robot-assisted surgery has been heard of since 1995, with the use of da Vince surgical robotic systems. Medical professionals agree that while these do not integrate automation in their system, these bionic arms with screens are very helpful for surgeons as they perform nips and tucks at hard to reach areas, with high precision and heightened flexibility to boot.

While the subfield of surgery in the medical industry has integrated artificial intelligence for many other things, like general scanning and illness detections, surgery is still best performed by a trained physician.

Vacuum Cleaners

Usually, they are made of cylindrical shape, which walks on rollers, and, according to some models, are packed with awesome features. Is something as this back-breaking chore that boring to do that we make use of bots to do this job for us? Well, according to the data, the answer is a big yes.

Among the list, vacuum cleaning AI robots have been the most commercially successful. There are many manufacturers and models that have already entered the market, though one of the most popular is the iRobot Roomba series. The market in cleaning bots have been projected to grow at 46.75 billion USD by 2027.

Wrap Up

AI Robots are indeed awesome intelligent agents that make our lives lived easier. They do us a favor in doing menial and, in other times, high-skilled and dangerous jobs so that we will be safe and more focused in doing other things.

Though many people are afraid of losing their jobs because of these automatons which are powered with artificial intelligence. But there are some people—some of which are even “colleagues”—are embracing them like good helping aides. We must keep in mind that they are but helpers, and they will not be able to function without a human overseer. So robots and humans will still work hand in hand.

If only we could make robots make us all some money so that we will not labor for it. Hmm.. that would be a very clever idea indeed.

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