£4.98m fundraising for Sikoia

On February 16, 2023, Sikoia secured an impressive £4.98 million in Series A funding! The successful fundraising was driven by the company’s innovative technology, which promises to revolutionize healthcare delivery. This investment paves the way for Sikoia to continue development of its flagship platform that uses AI and expert clinician input to deliver high-quality medical advice and care for people around the world.

The Series A fund will finance Sikoia’s ambitious plans for international expansion, allowing it to rapidly scale up its operations and customer base. Prior to this investment, the company had already been active in several countries including the UK, US, Canada and Australia. With the new capital now available, Sikoia hopes to expand access even further – especially into developing nations where medical resources are scarce.

Sikoia’s mission is simple: enable anyone with a mobile phone or computer access to first-rate healthcare. This revolutionary approach promises to reduce costs and increase efficiency while giving people in remote regions direct access to specialist advice and services. By democratizing healthcare delivery at a global scale, Sikoia is one step closer to achieving its vision of providing affordable quality healthcare everywhere it’s needed most! #fundraising #Healthcare #Sikoia

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